Wado-kai karate is broken down into units known as kyu grades. For children under 16, the kyu grades are further divided into mon grades. Your grade is signified by your belt colour.

What you need to know about gradings:

  • Students must have an up to date licence to grade
  • And a minimum of 24 attendance stamps (except beginners applying for their first grading)
  • You can download forms for your attendance book or grading license below
  • The minimum recommended time between gradings is 3 months (12 weeks)

Further guidance to your gradings can be found in your licence book or just ask your sensei.

Download your syllabus below:

The format of gradings

Gradings up to and including 4th kyu are held at clubs and some courses. They cost £10 and, if successful, belts can be bought for £4.50.

Brown belt gradings (3rd kyu and above) will be held during or after certain courses. They will be examined by a panel of three black belts (2nd dan minimum).

What you need to know about dan gradings (black belts):

  • Dan gradings are held at courses - just twice a year
  • They will be examined by a panel of three senior black belts where possible
  • In addition to the physical grading, candidates must complete a 15 minute written exam
  • Successful candidates for shodan under the age of 16 will be awarded a junior black belt
  • The minimum amount of time between subsequent gradings will be an additional year per level, i.e. 2 years between 1st and 2nd dan; 3 years between 2nd and 3rd dan; etc
  • Nidan (2nd dan) candidates must be a minimum of 18 years old
  • An additional fee is required to ensure dan grades are appropriately registered

Download Forms Here

Download a form for your attendance book above. Give it to your sensei who will supply you with your attendance book.
Download a form to apply for, or renew, your license above. This will need to be posted to the address on the form, with the relevant fee.