Premier karate-do wado-kai is affiliated to the English Karate Federation (EKF).

If you're interested in starting karate or training with us, then just come along to one of our clubs Your first trial lesson is free.

Did you know?
We also run 6 week self defence courses. These are practical courses that will improve your self confidence and give you basic techniques to help defend yourself. They cost just £30 per person for the whole course. If you have a group of friends or work colleagues we can run a course just for you - a minimum of 10 people is needed.

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About our Association

Chairman: Sensei Terry Armsworth 7th dan

Treasurer: Sensei James Moran 2nd dan

Secretary: Sensei Lorna Lawson 3rd dan

Our AGMs are open to all our members and happen in early November. Details are always posted on this website and advertised in our newsletters.

Our Members

Once you have registered with our association (i.e. applied for and received your license) you are able to train at any of our clubs and attend any of our courses (subject to age and grade in some circumstances).

Our Squad

We have a squad that competes in tournaments - both locally and abroad. If you're interested in competing - or finding out more information about what's involved - just ask your Sensei.

Details on tournaments and squad training are always included in our newsletters.